Thursday, August 10, 2017

Vive mocap for the Vive Tracker only (no HMD)

Setup and hack
  • This only works on Windows
  • Install Steam
  • Install SteamVR
    • In Steam: Library | Tools | SteamVR | right click | Install Game...
  • Clone the OpenVR SDK
  • Change file default.vrsettings
    • Located in C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\ressources\settings
    • Change line requirehmd : true for requirehmd : false
    • More details on Luke Beno's blog (he is from Triad Semiconductor's)
  • Opt-in beta for SteamVR (NOTE: à confirmer mais à priori on n'a plus besoin d'être en beta)
    • From the SteamVR line in the Library tab
    • Right click Properties | Betas | Select the beta... | beta - ...
    • More details here
  • If you use C++ you can start with example provided by Omnifinity on github

  • Under Visual Studio
  • Run in Release config
  • You will need to indicate the example solution
    • The path for the OpenVR headers
    • The path for the OpenVR lib

  • Run Steam
  • Run SteamVR
    • SteamVR will indicate NOT READY in red, this is normal
    • The Base Station LED should be green
      • It is blue when something is wrong (e.g. when the base is not static)
    • The Vive Tracker LED should be green
      • It is blue when something is wrong or not ready
    • SteamVR will show the Base Station icon in green as here
    • SteamVR will show the Tracker icon in slowly flashing green as here
    • Mouse over the Tracker icon, it should displaySteamVR's Vive Tracker green icon will display "tracking" when you mouse over it
  • Copy a version of openvr_api.dll next to your executable
  • Double click the compiled executable from the explorer
    • Or alternatively run a command prompt and call the application from it


  • It often happens that we pair the system when actually willing to shut it down
    • This is because pairing is a 2s press and shutting down is a 5s press
    • So when release the press too fast it pairs the device with the dongle
  • This pairing seems not to work correctly
    • The led does not go green
    • And SteamVR no longer recognize the Vive Tracker
  • In order to re-pair the Vive Tracker correctly
    • Start Steam
    • Start SteamVR
    • Plug the base station
    • Manually pair the device (2s push on the device's button)
    • Then in SteamVR: press button SteamVR beta triangle | Devices | Pair Controllers
    • Everything should be fine after a few seconds

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