Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hiya all!

And welcome to the marvelous world of iisuOscBridge!

The SDK of iisu is a piece of middleware which provides motion capture data out of 3D cameras. It is able to provide you with the exact position and configuration of gamer or users. iisu is a bit like Kinect but in much cooler (hey, I am one of iisu’s designers after all ;)).

Now iisuOscBridge is a networking layer which works on top of iisu. That is iisuOscBridge streams data out of iisu and to the outside world using the OSC networking protocol.

The main goal of iisuOscbridge is to make the data provided by iisu easily available to the artists’ community. Using the oscBridge (I have been very intimate with this software, so oscBridge is the little short name I gave to iisuOscBridge - and… yes, you can build a strong growing relation with your code ;)) you can stream the iisu out to software such as Processing, Max, Processing, Pure data... anything that can receive OSC data.

I am actually employed by SoftKinetic, the company which produced iisu. And more than that, I am deeply involved in the R&D for the motion capture’s algorithms in iisu. Though it turns out iisuOscBridge is a side project I developed in my spare time. I have spent around four months on it, nights or week-ends…

This blog is aimed at providing you news and getting feedbacks on iisuOscBridge. So please, download it, use it, break it, get crazy about it… and let me know about it all! ;)



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